The timelines diverge

I have a confession to make. A while ago (shortly after making my late 2014 – early 2015 reading post), I cloned this blog onto my own website. Now, since continuing both versions independently would be an insane thing to do, I’m going to stop posting here on this version. I tried to use the “jetpack” plugin to move my followers over to the new version of the blog, but I have no idea how or if that actually works. So, if you want to keep following me, maybe go here:

Also on that website is information about the novel I just published today. It’s called The War of Undoing, but people who have read my previous posts may know it as Project Snails. I’ll talk a lot more about it soon, over on the new version of this blog. So if you want juicy, explosive, hot-off-the-press material like that, go there! Look, I’ll even give you another link in case you missed the first one!

This blog, it is a-changin’

Not necessarily in a dramatic way, but it is a-changin’. For a start, I’ve finally filled in the “About” page and added a “Projects” page which provides easy access to all the creative stuff I’ve done that is currently available on the internet. This includes a few new projects which I will mention here in case you can’t be bothered tiring out your finger clicking all the way over to the new page I spent ages working on.

Rainy Day Adventure ClubFirstly, I haven’t properly talked about it here yet, but in September of 2014 I created a new podcast called Rainy Day Adventure Club, which I’d describe as a cross between a Dungeons and Dragons game, an audio version of Knightmare, a Choose Your Own Adventure book and something very silly indeed. There are nine episodes already, with more to come in the not too distant future. I’m rather proud of what my friends and I have done with it so far – it’s even family-friendly-ish, which is unlike us. If you’re interested, go and listen to some episodes in the archive to see if it’s your sort of thing.

ScarecrowSecondly, late last year I helped some of my more talented friends make a finger puppet version of the Wizard of Oz. It’s quite delightful, though decidedly NOT family-friendly. Definitely worth watching if you’re into irreverent and satirical twists on innocent subject matter. You can find the whole thing on YouTube here.

And there is more going on with my creative projects too, a lot more – an exciting whirlwind of stuff! – but I’ll save that for later posts. Hopefully there will be plenty of those in the near future, as I’m going to start using this blog as a hub for pretty much everything I’m doing. That will almost certainly still include complete garbage like this though, so don’t worry. Things won’t change too much around here.

Let’s get Meta

A very meta image

Considering how long I’ve spent writing some of these posts when I should have been working on other projects, I should probably add a new project to my list: this blog, aka Project Meta. I should also stop overthinking every word I write here. In fact, I’m going to misspell a word right nwo – and not correct it – just to get me in the habit of blogging more spontaneously.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m only okay with that because I know it was deliberate. Everything I write here should be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s all planned in advance and rewritten multiple times, even the stuff that’s… oh, I don’t know… designed to sound spontaneous, even this bit here where I’m admitting that it’s all planned in advance and rewritten multiple times.

This stems not just from university, but from the desire to make myself seem interesting, because when trying to converse in real life I can barely think fast enough to construct coherent sentences, let alone say anything insightful. When I have the time to think through what I’m about to say, I naturally want to make use of it.

But I want to try editing myself a little less, for some posts at least, because editing can come at the cost of honesty. On reflection, the last two posts on Project Snails seem a tad overdramatic – which is okay for Snails because that’s something I’m really very passionate about, but if I start writing epic screeds like that about every little aspect of my life and creative pursuits, things will get ridiculous fast. I need to be honest, unafraid to acknowledge that in general my life is pretty mundane. For example, I recently tried the breakfast cereal Krave for the first time. It was okay. I might have it again soon. See? This is better already, right?

I don’t want to promise anything about the future direction of this blog, because one rule of the internet is that if you see a page with “New website coming soon!” on it in flashing text, you’ll then discover it was last updated in 1998. Saying you’re going to do things is often an agreeably easy substitute for actually doing them – which, come to think of it, is another reason I should probably spend less time writing these posts.

But I will keep writing them. Some of them may be in a more rambly, stream-of-consciousness style (I used to do this in my journal before university made me overthink everything), but I’ll try to write more thoughtful ones occasionally. I’m working mostly on Project Bubble this week, and if I have time I’ll say some more about that. And don’t worry, I plan for it to be entirely spontaneous!