My name is Alex, I live in Edinburgh and I do creative things. These creative things are by far the most interesting things about me, and many of them can be found over on the Projects page, so go and look there instead of here!

In terms of personality, I’d say I’m an introvert who desperately wants to be an extrovert but keeps on discovering he’s scared of people. Despite this, I tend to like people, as well as animals, music, books and games. I’m the sort of person who would never go on a dating website because I’m afraid of rejection, so instead I’d write what is basically a dating profile on my personal blog in the hopes that someone wonderful would read it and feel they just had to get in touch and ask me out and basically solve all my problems for me.

On the subject of solving all my problems for me, if anyone would like to pay me money to make weird and silly and vaguely pleasant stuff like the stuff on the Projects page, get in touch. That sounds like a joke, but it isn’t. Seriously, give me money. Lots of money. I have none and I want lots, so I can keep making the stuff I feel like making without having to face the harsh realities of finding a job in the current economic climate. I don’t even know what an economic climate is, but it sounds scary, so please give me money so I never have to find out! Thanks in advance.

Seriously though (even though I was being serious before – give me lots of money), I’m trying to turn this blog into the central hub of all my creative pursuits, so if the things on the Projects page tickle you, stop by now and then to see what I’m up to. But I can’t promise I won’t also post rambling paragraphs about dreams I’ve had, games I liked and thorny political issues I can’t make up my mind about. Think of this blog as a lucky dip. I’ll try not to put too many hedgehogs in it.

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