The timelines diverge

I have a confession to make. A while ago (shortly after making my late 2014 – early 2015 reading post), I cloned this blog onto my own website. Now, since continuing both versions independently would be an insane thing to do, I’m going to stop posting here on this version. I tried to use the “jetpack” plugin to move my followers over to the new version of the blog, but I have no idea how or if that actually works. So, if you want to keep following me, maybe go here:

Also on that website is information about the novel I just published today. It’s called The War of Undoing, but people who have read my previous posts may know it as Project Snails. I’ll talk a lot more about it soon, over on the new version of this blog. So if you want juicy, explosive, hot-off-the-press material like that, go there! Look, I’ll even give you another link in case you missed the first one!

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