Conscious vs. Unconscious! Fight! Fight! Fight!

For a while now, in a rather abstract, never-bothering-to-do-any-actual-research kind of way, I’ve been fascinated by the relationship between our conscious and unconscious minds. So as a creative exercise I decided to stage a little writing competition: me vs. my unconscious mind! I’m going to describe two dreams: one is a dream I have actually had, penned by my highly imaginative unconscious; the other is a fake dream I made up in my waking hours. See if you can guess which one is the real dream! Here we go!

Dream One – Crash Drink
I was in a supermarket a bit like Corstorphine Tesco. In the dream there was this Crash Bandicoot themed tropical fruit drink which came in ridiculously tall thin cans – called “two metre cans” because that’s how tall they were. (I think this was significant because that’s how tall Crash would be in real life.) Everyone loved this drink and was going on about how amazing it was, as if it was somehow going to change the world for the better. But it had just been banned or discontinued for some reason, and there was a profound sense of injustice and oppression around this, as if some dystopian government had needed to crush the drink before it started a revolution. When I got to the checkout with a few (now normal sized) cans, I was really worried that I would be arrested for even trying to buy it, but I made it out of the store without incident. I was happy about this, but also sad that the Crash drink would no longer be manufactured, and that some sort of hope for the world seemed to have been extinguished. There may also have been helicopters flying overhead at some point, which made the whole thing seem even more dystopian.

Dream Two – Seasickness Tablets
I was going on some sort of boat trip, and was trying to acquire some seasickness tablets before we set off (presumably to avoid a repeat of what I will only refer to as the Amsterdam incident). The first shop I tried was on the boat itself, and it claimed to sell seasickness tablets, but they looked more like weird sweets, and I didn’t trust that they actually were seasickness tablets. So I got off the boat and ended up in another shop, possibly the Boots near my house. All the staff somehow knew why I was there and laughed at me. I was a bit indignant for a minute, as it seemed perfectly reasonable that I should want to buy seasickness tablets, but eventually I realised their laughter was all in good fun. In fact it turned into a strangely heartwarming moment, where I felt accepted by them and by society as a whole.

There we go! Can you guess which dream was invented by my conscious mind, and which by my unconscious? And which one displays more imagination? That was a fun exercise, so I might do it again in the future, and when I do I will also tell you which of these was the real dream. Because it’s important that you know, you know?

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