Way too many projects

This blog’s been a long time coming. For the past four years I’ve been studying English at university, and if, as planned, I’d started this blog during one of those three summer holidays, I might have had more of an idea of where to start. After all, there’s a limit to the number of projects you can focus on in a few months. Now though, staring into the indefinite stretch of nothing-in-particular that is my post-English future, I’m lost.

Except it’s not really a stretch of nothing-in-particular at all. Because what I did do during those summer holidays – and at weekends, and in spare moments over those four years – was start a bunch of creative projects I couldn’t possibly hope to finish while working on a degree. Now I’ve finished that degree, I’ve emerged from the academic woods and all these projects are waiting for me in the uncharted landscape beyond, half-formed and strange but gazing up at me like loyal pets. I hadn’t realised there were so many until now. And there may be more I’ve forgotten about, their homing instincts already leading them back to me.

The projects I can see right now (and for the purposes of this blog I’m giving them codenames) are: Project Ho Ho Ho, Project Bubble, Project Mirror, Project Chippy, Project Snails, Project Phantom, Project Sunshine, Project Hero, Project Retrospect, Project Magpie, and Project Everything.

That’s eleven projects, all demanding my attention and trying to lead me off in different directions. What should I do first? What’s the most urgent? What’s the most personally important to me? What would it be possible to do in the near future without compromising too much? Which projects could potentially lead on to greater things? Which can coexist with others in my brain, and which should I stop thinking about for now? These are the questions I’m asking myself, and hopefully musing on these matters here will be good for me, if no one else.

Essentially, this blog will detail the adventures I have while chasing the dream of one day, maybe, creating something that someone else might look at, listen to, read, watch, play, smell, taste, or fondle lovingly, and say “I’m glad this exists”.

I’ll talk fairly openly about some projects, like Project Bubble and Project Chippy. I’ll talk in almost pointlessly vague terms about the more secret ones such as Project Snails and Project Phantom. And if my previous attempts at blogging are anything to go by, I’ll go off on tangents about such topics as social awkwardness, weird dreams I’ve had, the slippery slope that is putting on the wrong day of the week’s socks, the fact that “monastery” almost rhymes with “honours degree”, the fear that made-up fantasy names may turn out to be obscure terms for reproductive organs, and what society would be like if everyone wore a badge indicating whether they liked every other person or not.

If all this sounds appealing to you, then I’m sorry. But the good news is, this blog is probably one of the few places in the world where you can feel truly accepted. Welcome! 🙂

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