Ho ho ho! Oh god, it’s only April. Ho ho ho!

The first project I’m gonna talk about is the Beyond Studios Advent Calendar. Beyond Studios are my film-makey friends, who used to make silly video advent calendars for each other. Now we’re making a silly video advent calendar for the world. Watch this thing:

I referred to this project in my earlier post as Project Ho Ho Ho. This vaguely ominous naming convention is actually something my friends and I used in order to keep secrets from each other when we were working on videos for our old advent calendars. Every day of December we’d watch a new one of these videos and we’d go “Oh, that’s what Project Monkey on a Tricycle was about! I would never have guessed!” It was one of the best things about Christmas.

So in some ways I regret the fact that we’re making this year’s advent calendar public. It means our whole group will know about every project in advance, and they won’t be so in-jokey and personal. But change is good, and if it turns out not to be good then you can always run away from it and go and cry until it changes back.

Anyway, we’re giving it a shot! People seem to like the pitch video, which gives me hope that they’ll like at least some of the final sketches, even if we don’t reach our funding target of $4000.

My main worry is that we already have so many funny ideas for sketches – none of them mine – that I won’t be able to come up with anything good enough to make it to the calendar. I’m hoping that this insecurity will spur me on to work harder, rather than make me afraid to share my ideas. The more I work on an idea, of course, the more confident I’ll be in it, but I’ll also be more protective.

I also have a problem where the more I work on something, the bigger and more daunting it becomes. Short films become features, stories become novels, and being realistic about the scope of my idea becomes compromising my glorious vision of an epic twelve-volume science fiction cycle centering around a space fisherman called Bob. I fully expect that at least one of my sketch ideas will get so out of control that I’ll quietly slip it into my jacket and smuggle it out of the advent calendar project, hoping to one day adapt it into a six-season HBO series starring my actor friends Heather and Euan. See, that’s why this blog is helpful! If I’m aware of these dangerous urges, maybe I can control them.

Speaking of which, I could easily spend the rest of the day making this blog post even ramblier and more self-indulgent, but I have lots to do (as I mentioned earlier today). I’ll speak to myself – and any of you random onlookers – again later!

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